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Laughter Yoga Shakha Is Born

Shakha’ is a new gibberish character born out of a special session on gibberish conversation among the group during Laughter Yoga teacher training program at New Mexico, USA. It so happened that a participant, Stephen F..

Laughter Yoga And Levity Project

During Laughter Yoga teacher training and conference in New Mexico, USA in August 2010 Katie west and Ina Lukas from the Levity project organized a very special event which I would like to share with you. There was a gr..

Laughter Yoga Conference In Western Australia

The first Laughter Yoga conference and training of West Coast Australia held in Perth in August 2012 was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended. Laughter professionals Sebastian Gendry, Merv Neil..

Laughter On 9/11- For Peace, Love & Joy

Debbie Ellison, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader USA : On 9/11/10 Nine years later!! We had an amazing Laughter Club in Alpharetta, GA, today - 25 people, and an amazing energy!When I first realized that ..

Laughter Yoga In Albuquerque Prison

A Report by Rebecca Foster, Rhode Island USA: Last month during the All America Laughter Yoga Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I had the privilege of going into the county jail with Dr. Kataria an..

Laughter Increases Pain Threshold

An interesting study on how laughing and pain can be correlated was conducted by Robin Dunbar, professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford. The study emphasizes how entwined our bodies and emotions can be. Most of us..

Laughter Yoga Rocks Bangkok

It seems Bangkokians these days are as nuts about their health and are continuing to seek new ways to sweat. Among the many alternative exercises, Laughter Yoga is the best tool for body-mind wellness as one does not need any special equipment or..

Laughter Yoga Lifts Depression

Elvie Estavillo: Laughter Yoga changes a person the minute they laugh, making their outlook on the world around vibrant, multi-rainbow-colored, and positive! That was exactly what happened during the La..