Laughter Yoga Shakha Is Born


Shakha’ is a new gibberish character born out of a special session on gibberish conversation among the group during Laughter Yoga teacher training program at New Mexico, USA. It so happened that a participant, Stephen Findley kept uttering the word shakha at the end of his gibberish conversation.  A very catchy word, it was picked up by other participants and soon became a buzzword of the whole conversation.  It created such great energy that people loved using it over and over again as it made them laugh. This went on for almost 3 days at the end of which there was so much of creativity centered on the new word that people created a symbol for it by closing their fist except the thumb and the little finger, Many dancing and singing sessions were also built around shakha and the New Mexico training group was named as the shakha group. Everyone called each other as shakha buddies and after the training; they formed e-mailing groups and are now mailing each other each other as shaka fellows.

Please have a look at this video and meet the man who created this amazing new expression. Addressed as the ‘Shakha Man’, Stephen Fendley is a chaplain at the local church and also works with cancer groups and does Laughter Yoga sessions with them at MD Anderson Cancer centre in Houston, Texas.