Laughter Yoga for Cancer patients

Cancer is considered a killer disease. When someone is struck with cancer it leads to intense stress and fear. How can laughter yoga help? Laughter Yoga as a physical intervention leads to real physiological and biochemical changes in our body that have a profound effect on the development of cancer

Laughter yoga provides a non-intellectual path to laughter. Cancer patients may be in emotional turmoil and become depressed, making it difficult for them to achieve laughter through intellectual stimuli like humorous videos. Laughter yoga approaches laughter as a body exercise that can easily be done regardless of mood.

Oxygen for Cancer Healing

Oxygen is one of the primary catalysts for all metabolic reactions in the human body. Ongoing scientific studies show that lack of oxygen is the major cause of most diseases. Laughter Yoga flushes the lungs and fully oxygenates the blood and major organs leaving one bursting with energy and vitality. Research has also shown that cancer cells are destroyed in the presence of oxygen. In fact, many parasites and bacteria don’t survive well in the presence of oxygen; therefore an increase in the oxygen levels with laughter exercises is a great way to combat diseases.

Dr. Otto Warburg, President, Institute of Cell Physiology and Nobel Prize Winner said something very profound about the role of oxygen in maintaining good health: “Deep breathing techniques increase oxygen to the cells and are the most important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life. When cells get enough oxygen, cancer will not and cannot occur.”

Laughter Boosts The Immune System

A weak immune system is a major cause for almost all sickness and ill health. One spends millions on prescription drugs while overlooking the natural coping mechanisms of the body intended to restore health. The lowering of the immune system is also somewhat responsible in the development of cancer. Laughter quickly increases immunoglobulin levels that help fight infection and increases the number of Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) in the blood, which plays a key role in cancer prevention. Disease-fighting proteins increase in gamma interferon, a blood chemical that transmits messages in the nervous system and stimulates the immune system.

Stress and Depression in Cancer Patients

Most cancer patients, family, friends and caregivers all need some relief from the stress. They also experience varying degrees of depression. Laughter Yoga can help to counter both. Hearty laughter reduces cortisol which is the major stress hormone whilst releasing happy chemicals. This helps them get into a better mood state. Laughter may not cure the disease but it will definitely help in enhancing one’s ability to cope with the disease as well as improve the long term chances of survival, by maintaining a positive attitude.

Social Bonding and Community Building

LY is fast developing close knit communities and extended families worldwide. As elders are always seeking human contact and connection, LY provides an effective network of caring and sharing relationships which is the key to a happy and healthy life which dissipates loneliness.

LY encourages strong social bonding with friends, relatives, fellow residents at care facilities, as well as caregivers and medical personnel.