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Laughter Therapy Helps Work Environment

Recently, a group of BBC Scotland journalists had a great time with their short laughter session which established the fact that having a good laugh or even making a complete fool of yourself with colleagues really helps at work. The session prov..

Laughter Yoga In Jamaica

As more and more people around the world experience the benefits of Laughter Yoga, it is fast spreading in a lot of countries. Laughter Teacher Winnie Anderson – Brown reports from Jamaica telling us how Laughter Yoga h..

Laughter Yoga In Hong Kong

Laughter Yoga leaders and teachers worldwide are doing a great job in setting up new clubs and running different training programs and activities to help people bring more laughter and joy in their lives. They are invol..

Laughter Yoga In France

Laughter Yoga is fast catching up in many countries as more and more people experience enormous health benefits of laughing and being playful. Laughter teacher and Ambassador, Corinne Cosseron has actively contributed i..