Challenged High School taking Laughter Seriously


Tanaz Bamboat CLYT: Tanaz Bamboat, recently did Laughter Yoga at a High School that is that is having a year of Challenges. The school is on academic probation and facing state takeover. Tanaz was brought in to help the school and students deal with stress, anxiety & psychological disorders during this during this time.

In the article, Bamboat explained how laughter therapy is necessary when people lose the ability to laugh at the simplest issues.

The students loved the laughter yoga session and found great value to help them reduce stress. Laughter Yoga is a great addition to schools and many schools around the World are providing Laughter Yoga on a regular basis.

Laughter Yoga for Health, Joy & World Peace in Communities, Health Care Facilities, Prisons, Senior Centers & Schools. Laughter Yoga International would love to hear about Laughter Yoga Applications in your Communities

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