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Secure your spot at the Retreat today with a generous Rs. 1100/- donation, and conveniently pay for your meals and accommodation upon arrival at the resort.

Laughter and Silence
Mindfulness Retreat
in Nashik, India

Experience the Power of Laughter and Silence for Health, Happiness and Spiritual Growth with Laughter Guru, Dr Madan Kataria

Spiritual Retreat Video

Secure your spot at the Retreat today with a generous Rs. 1100/- donation, and conveniently pay for your meals and accommodation upon arrival at the resort.

7 am to 9:30 pm
English and Hindi
3 Days

What is Laughter Yoga?

Do you want to bring more laughter and joy into your life? You must learn Laughter Yoga.

Laughter yoga is not comedy; it is a form of exercise that combines deep breathing techniques and laughter exercises, which reduce stress, boost your immune system, and keep your mind positive
  • which reduce stress
  • boost your immune system
  • and keep your mind positive
It is based on scientific studies that the body cannot differentiate between simulated and genuine laughter,so the physiological and psychological benefits are the same.

What is Mindfulness?

Everybody wants to enjoy life, but you can't enjoy it if you are not entirely in the present moment.

Our mind keeps jumping from one thought to another. That's why we call it a monkey mind. A Harvard study found that people spend 46.9% of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they are doing.
Mindfulness is becoming aware and fully engaged in the present moment, rather than dwelling in the pastor projecting into the future. It is the art of being 100% with what we're doing and paying attention to one's thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment. Mindfulness will help you enjoy life and achieve maximum results with minimum efforts.

Combining Laughter with Silence
for Self-awareness

It is said that silence is gold and the mother of all meditations

Generally, people find it hard to maintain silence even for a few minutes. The moment they sit in silence, they are flooded with thoughts, which hampers peaceful meditation.
This is where the practice of unconditional laughter can help you clear your mind of unwanted mental clutter so that you can experience deep silence. Once you practice silence, laughter will flow out of you like a fountain, very deep and intense. This is what we call Laughter Meditation. It's believed that laughter not only deepens the experience of silence but that silence, in turn, deepens the laughter. (Video)

What you will learn?

Laughter Yoga Basics

Learn from the master how to laugh for no reason and make a habit of laughing. He will teach you the techniques of how to laugh in a group and laugh aloneat home to get many health benefits, reducing stress,a strong immune system, and keeping your mind positive even during challenging times.

How To Meditate

Dr. Kataria will teach you how to meditate in a simple way, and you will learn different types of dynamic and still meditations. Meditation provides effective stress management, improves perception and memory,controls addictions, and cultivates positive health habits.


During the retreat, you will learn to observe your breath, which will bring you into the present. Placing awareness on your breath will allow you to become one with the moment, as you can truly experience the beauty of life as it exists.

Contemplation and Self-Awareness

Both laughter and silence will help you transcend the conscious and judging mind and unfold the layers ofthe subconscious mind, which can help you get intouch with your inner self to know who you are, whatis the meaning and purpose of life. You will know more about your physical health, food habits, emotional expressions, and relationships. As thoughts keep flowing during silence, you keep writing down for better understanding your needs and desires, what changes you need to bring to your lifestyle.


For Yoga Teachers / Practitioners
For Laughter Yogis
For Health Seekers
For Spiritual Seekers

GP Hotels and Resorts
Harsul Road, Girnare, Nashik, Maharashtra - 422203

Food, Accommodation & Cost Details

Secure your spot at the Retreat today with a generous Rs. 1100/- donation, and conveniently pay for your meals and accommodation upon arrival at the resort.

Food and Accommodation charges (Total for 3 Days)

Double Sharing Room: ₹ 4400/- Per Person
Four Sharing Room: ₹ 3900/- Per Person
Dormitory: ₹ 2500/- Per Person
No Accommodation: ₹ 1200/- Per Person
Important Notes:
1. Meal and accommodation charges are additional and details are given above.
2. Resort charges include your stay, breakfast, and all meals for the whole retreat.
3. You can make payment for these charges upon your arrival at the resort.

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Who is this for?

For Yoga Teachers / Practitioners

For Yoga Teachers / Practitioners

Calling Yoga Teachers/Practitioners! Explore innovative techniques, deepen mindfulness, and enhance teaching skills. Elevate your practice with transformative sessions led by an expert. Join for healing, joy, and a renewed yoga perspective.
For Laughter Yogis

For Laughter Yogis

Delve into advanced techniques, deepen laughter practices, and enrich your community contributions. Elevate your joy and healing through expert-led sessions. Embrace this transformative retreat for profound laughter wellness.
For Health Seekers

For Health Seekers

Seeking holistic wellness? Explore powerful techniques, cultivate joy, and deepen mindfulness for overall well-being. Join this rejuvenating experience to unlock laughter's healing power and embrace a healthier, happier you.
For Spiritual Seekers

For Spiritual Seekers

Explore inner joy, deepen mindfulness, and discover laughter's spiritual connection. Join this transformative journey to awaken your spirit, find harmony, and explore the profound union of laughter and mindfulness in a sacred space.
For Working Professionals

For Working Professionals

Recharge, unwind, learn stress-relief techniques, and cultivate mindfulness for a balanced work-life approach. Elevate productivity, find joy, and explore innovative methods for workplace well-being.
For People Who Want to Take a Break & Recharge

For People Who Want to Take a Break & Recharge Yourself

Need a break for rejuvenation? Relax, recharge, and explore laughter's healing benefits. Rediscover joy, embrace mindfulness, and revitalize your spirit in a serene environment. Take a transformative pause for self-renewal and a refreshed outlook on life.

Dr Madan Kataria

Dr Madan Kataria
Dr. Madan Kataria founded Laughter Yoga in Mumbai, India, in 1995 and is known as the “Guru of Giggling” (London Times). Over 120 countries have laughter yoga clubs, which has grown into a worldwide movement. Dr. Madan Kataria has 25 years of experience teaching you how to laugh on your own, with others, and with your family and colleagues.
Dr. Kataria provides keynote speeches, motivational and inspirational talks for companies, corporations and organizations worldwide. He also provides corporate coaching in holistic health, stress management, team building, leadership, peak performance, communication and leadership skills.
Retreat on Mar 29-31, 2024