Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga For True Happiness

Daniele Berti, Italy: In high school I was convinced that the best thing while dealing with politics is to be happy and produce happiness, but when I tried to do it, I realized it was not possible because you had to accept to wor..

Ha Ha Helen of LAFOLOT’s Story

Helen Szollosy, USA: I come from a ‘good-hearted’ but challenged family of 7 children, a creative/vaudeville-type funny dad who worked 42 years for the Bethlehem Steel Co., and a mom who left her nursing career early ..

The First Roving Laughter Report !

Michaela Pearson: Hello everyone, all over the world! This is the first, of I hope many “Roving Laughter Reports!” I hope that a Laughter yoga exchange program will develop all over the world and more people can enjoy..

Laughter Yoga for Physical and Mental Health

Jayne Meldrum, Australia: My name is Jayne Meldrum I live in Sandy Beach, New South Wales, Australia. First time I heard about laughter yoga was in 2009. I had just turned 52, feeling old so I decided to get health & became a..

I learned To Let Go

Pamela Wener, Canada: Training to be a certified laughter leader has changed my life in so many positive ways. To begin with, I would have to say that I truly feel different inside. I am a much happier, grateful, upbeat person wh..

Laughter Came Back Into My Life At A Cemetery

Nancy Weil, USA: I became a laughter leader in 2002 and ran Laughter Clubs for senior citizens. After the Laughter Club ended, I stopped offering any laughter programs. Several years later, I started to work at a cemetery working..

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