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Bachan Singh, Malaysia: The style of introducing oneself during the certified Laughter Yoga training changed my entire perception regarding Laughter Yoga. It begins with ‘Tell your name and laugh, ha ha ha. Tell where you come from and laugh, ha ha ha. Tell what you do and laugh, ha ha ha.’ While answering these questions, I realized my ego gradually diminished thereby creating a border-less environment. It gave a clear answer to the question, “Who am I”? And the answer is ‘ha ha ha’.

One of the verses in the Bible states that “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never know the truth”. Laughter Yoga explains that children play, dance, sing and laugh without any reason, but as we come to adulthood, we lose this art of being childlike and hardly laugh. Fortunately, Laughter Yoga brings back the knowledge of laughter to mankind and I am convinced that it has a potential of being the ultimate yoga.

Bachan Singh, CLYT