Life Changing Experiences

I Found My Life’s Mission With Laughter Yoga

Saskia van Velzen, Netherlands: As a child I was very happy with lots of laughter and lots of friends, but unfortunately it did not last when I grew older. I studied finance and always worked in this field. But that didn’t ..

Laughter Yoga helped Me Cope With My Pain

Loretta Bert, Italy: Some days ago, I was running a laughter class in our club. My idea was to lead the class for the first minutes, because I needed to leave my club-mates, at a given time, in order to reach a bookshop for a Lau..

Laughter Yoga Taught Me To Love

Mary Stallings, Mexico: To me, life has been a series of events that I have labeled as either good or bad. I’ve carried these experiences around with me and have given them power to prevent me from doing certain things. I h..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Reach Out

Robert Rivest, USA: My background is in the performing arts and I have been presenting comic health, literacy and stress management educational programs in schools, libraries and theaters for 28 years. I discovered Laughter Yoga ..

Why Laughter Yoga Chose Me

Carla BeDell, USA: I love to laugh. I always have. I married a man who loved to laugh as much as I did. For a while, everything was great. But just as what happens in most peoples lives, things became too serious. My husband and ..

Laughter Yoga For Balanced Life

Johanne Bouchard, Canada: I started the Laughter Club of La Prairie-Montérégie, QC, Canada five years ago. As a leader, I like laughing weekly with the members and interacting with them. I even practice laughing alo..

Laughter Yoga helped me to Love

Richard Romagnoli, Italy: Becoming aware of laughter yoga for me was not a coincidence, but simply magic! I was doing shopping in a small shop in Puttaparthi (South India) and I noticed that there was a small book titled “L..

I Laughed Away All My Troubles!

Marcia Wyman, USA: I used to run my own archery business for 25 years, but last year on July 24th I had a strMarcia Wyman I Laughed Away All My Troubles! oke that incapacitated my left side totally and I spent 4 days in the hospi..

Laughter Yoga Has Taken Over My Life

Monnet Zubieta, USA: My first laughter club experience was with Sparkie Lovejoy. After doing the Laughter Yoga Leader training with Jeffery Briar she was inspired to start a daily laughter club to suppo..

How I Came To Laughter Yoga

Dr. Ute Meinel, Egypt: I owe the fact that I became interested in Laughter Yoga to my father, which is a bit of a paradox. My father, an academic with a scientific background, widely read and traveled was a very rational and seri..

Laughter Yoga For True Happiness

Daniele Berti, Italy: In high school I was convinced that the best thing while dealing with politics is to be happy and produce happiness, but when I tried to do it, I realized it was not possible because you had to accept to wor..