Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga Brings Back Laughter To Mankind

Bachan Singh, Malaysia: The style of introducing oneself during the certified Laughter Yoga training changed my entire perception regarding Laughter Yoga. It begins with ‘Tell your name and laugh, ha ha ha. Tell where you c..

I Found My Life’s Mission With Laughter Yoga

Saskia van Velzen, Netherlands: As a child I was very happy with lots of laughter and lots of friends, but unfortunately it did not last when I grew older. I studied finance and always worked in this field. But that didn’t ..

Laughter Yoga helped Me Cope With My Pain

Loretta Bert, Italy: Some days ago, I was running a laughter class in our club. My idea was to lead the class for the first minutes, because I needed to leave my club-mates, at a given time, in order to reach a bookshop for a Lau..

Laughter Yoga Taught Me To Love

Mary Stallings, Mexico: To me, life has been a series of events that I have labeled as either good or bad. I’ve carried these experiences around with me and have given them power to prevent me from doing certain things. I h..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Reach Out

Robert Rivest, USA: My background is in the performing arts and I have been presenting comic health, literacy and stress management educational programs in schools, libraries and theaters for 28 years. I discovered Laughter Yoga ..

Why Laughter Yoga Chose Me

Carla BeDell, USA: I love to laugh. I always have. I married a man who loved to laugh as much as I did. For a while, everything was great. But just as what happens in most peoples lives, things became too serious. My husband and ..

Laughter Yoga For Balanced Life

Johanne Bouchard, Canada: I started the Laughter Club of La Prairie-Montérégie, QC, Canada five years ago. As a leader, I like laughing weekly with the members and interacting with them. I even practice laughing alo..

Laughter Yoga helped me to Love

Richard Romagnoli, Italy: Becoming aware of laughter yoga for me was not a coincidence, but simply magic! I was doing shopping in a small shop in Puttaparthi (South India) and I noticed that there was a small book titled “L..

I Laughed Away All My Troubles!

Marcia Wyman, USA: I used to run my own archery business for 25 years, but last year on July 24th I had a strMarcia Wyman I Laughed Away All My Troubles! oke that incapacitated my left side totally and I spent 4 days in the hospi..

Laughter Yoga Has Taken Over My Life

Monnet Zubieta, USA: My first laughter club experience was with Sparkie Lovejoy. After doing the Laughter Yoga Leader training with Jeffery Briar she was inspired to start a daily laughter club to suppo..

How I Came To Laughter Yoga

Dr. Ute Meinel, Egypt: I owe the fact that I became interested in Laughter Yoga to my father, which is a bit of a paradox. My father, an academic with a scientific background, widely read and traveled was a very rational and seri..

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