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Pittsburg Cancer Care Opts For Laughter Yoga

In a recently published report the Cancer Caring Center in Bloomfield, Pittsburg wants its patients to laugh their way to better spirits. The center plans to work with Laughter Yoga instructor, David Russell and soon of..

Laughter Exercise Photo Flash Cards

"These Flash Cards are a wonderful and effective tool for Laughter Exercise Leaders, which will make planning your sessions effortless and fun. The bright, clear images from laughter clubs all over the world help y..

Laughter Yoga with Nepal Soldiers

Not too long ago there was a US army project which planned to use Laughter Yoga to help Iraqi war soldiers overcome post-traumatic stress disorders. Now, here are some interesting pictures of a group of soldiers, in a s..

Seniors Opt For Laughs

Senior citizens worldwide have greatly benefited from practicing Laughter Yoga. It is being practiced among seniors in many aged care facilities in Canada, USA, Israel and Europe.


Laughter Yoga in Tunisia

"Ho ho ha ha ha," said several women clapping their hands and walking barefoot in a bright room located in Tunis. Each woman roared with laughs in an attempt to see beyond her problems.

Australian Laughter Tour

We have just finished a very successful nationwide laughter tour of 5 cities - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. This was organized by Fortune Events with help from Merv Neal, CEO of Laughter Yoga Austral..

Coping With Cancer - Laughter Yoga Way

Sunstone Cancer Support Centers of Yuma, Ariz., recently hosted a Laughter Yoga class at the Serenity Yoga Studio. People attend a traditional yoga class together and end up making it their own Laughter Yoga. This class..

Laughter Yoga For Biblical Joy

Laughter Yoga, simple yet powerful and profound is now being applied in different fields worldwide and is gaining immense popularity because of the many health benefits people experience.

Laughter Increases Good Cholesterol

Hearty laughter could help diabetics improve their cholesterol levels and possibly lower their risk of heart attack, according to a recent study by Dr. Lee Berk of Loma Linda University, California.

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