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Laughter Yoga Benefits Body and Mind

People are often surprised at how different Laughter Yoga is from what they expect. Most of them feel that this whole-body laughter and movement is playful and a lot of fun. According to a recently published story by Na..

Swine Flu Down; Laughter Yoga Up In Mexico

Arriving in Mexico City felt like home, as the incredible traffic reminded me of Mumbai (India). The very first day, I was taken to a Mexican restaurant, I feasted on spicy Tacos, Enchiladas, Tamales, Esquites, Tortilla..

Laugh Live Online

For laughers all over the world who have always wanted to attend laughter club or laughter leader training, here is something new and exciting for you! Join us for the first live video online laughter club. This Online Club is le..

LY Remedies Appetite Disturbances

A state of mind is directly related to physiology and bodily reactions. Often emotional thoughts are a major reason for both weight loss and gain. Stress, anxiety, feelings of low self worth and confidence drive a perso..

Laughter Yoga Helps in Bone Marrow Cancer

You are invited to our Laughing celebrations on our Phone Laughter Yoga lines which happen 365 days each year. We want to celebrate with you because one of our Laughter Yoga Teachers, LindaBB's platelets and hemoglo..

Dr Andrew Weil Recommends Laughter Yoga

Dr Andrew Weil, Director of Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona, American Physician and several best selling books on health and healing, highly recommends laughter Yoga. Dr Kataria met him during his visit to..

Laughter Yoga On The Rise

According to a recent report published in ‘The Vancouver Sun’, Laughter Yoga is rapidly on the rise. Its impact is being felt by everyone around the world but more so by seniors on whom it has had a very profound impact..

Laughter Yoga - The Best Prescription

"Laughter and joy are antidotes to stress," says Dr. Mel Borins, a Toronto-based family doctor and author of ‘Photos and Songs of a Pronoic Physician.’ He has conducted many laughter workshops in several count..