Laughter Clubs Malaysia Celebrates Maiden Anniversary


Fung Lee Jean: Laughter has finally caught up in Malaysia. Fung Lee Jean who trained as a certified Laughter Yoga leader (CLYT) in 2008 has trained about 78 leaders and has opened many Social Laughter Clubs in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. One of her remarkable work with Laughter Yoga is starting a Club with Breast Cancer survivors.

On September 27, 2009, Johor Bahru Laughter Clubs celebrated their First Anniversary. A total of 149 participants turned up to celebrate. The oldest member being 78 years and the youngest, 4 years old. Everyone participated in the Laughter Exercises like Dancing Laughter, Greeting Laughter and Aloha Laughter. There was singing and dancing; the highlight being the Rowing Boat Laughter. A record number of people participated in this Floor Exercise.

Johor Bahru Laughers have a dream to bring Dr. Madan Kataria to Malaysia in 2010 and they hope it will soon be fulfilled.