Laugh Live Online


For laughers all over the world who have always wanted to attend laughter club or laughter leader training, here is something new and exciting for you! Join us for the first live video online laughter club. This Online Club is lead by Monnet Zubieta during the Sebastopol Laughter Club which meets every Tuesday at 6pm PST (California time).

Video-conference capability for 6 users from anywhere around the world!

You can be in one of the 6 video boxes and everyone who is logged onto the online laughter club will be able to see you laughing. All you need is a computer, high speed internet connection and a web cam.

Don't have a web-cam? No problem!

You can still see Monnet leading the laughter exercises and watch other people laughing on video - even though they won't see you.

Don't have a computer? Laugh it off!

The online laughter club can accommodate over 100 laughers.
All participants can be heard by connecting through the phone using a toll free number or through the computer for international participants.

Plus all these wonderful interactive learning tools!!!

  • Participate using a chat box
  • See the whiteboard that will show PowerPoint presentations and prerecorded videos
  • Use a participant box with buttons to raise your hand, applaud, and answer yes/no questions and more.

Monnet Zubieta is a Certified Laughter Teacher. She incorporates laughter in her communication classes at Santa Rosa Junior College, with Jr. High & High school students and with corporate clients. Monnet has been teaching Public Speaking online for the past 5 years. Now she is using that expertise to offer Laughter Clubs and Laughter Leader Trainings online.

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