Laughter Yoga - The Best Prescription


"Laughter and joy are antidotes to stress," says Dr. Mel Borins, a Toronto-based family doctor and author of ‘Photos and Songs of a Pronoic Physician.’ He has conducted many laughter workshops in several countries and feels that when we laugh many positive physiological changes take place in the body.

According to a recently published report in Toronto Sun, the workplace absorbs much of the stress in our lives, and with the recession, it's more important than ever to keep things light. Borins suggests that people should try and bring fun into their work environment. He feels Laughter Yoga is one such exercise routine which underlines the fact that we can still take work seriously while taking ourselves lightly. It also helps people to laugh unconditionally for no reason as laughter is simulated as a physical phenomenon and does not require any humor, jokes or comedy. It gives people a break and helps them face the challenges of life with a positive mental attitude.

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