Laughter Exercise Photo Flash Cards


"These Flash Cards are a wonderful and effective tool for Laughter Exercise Leaders, which will make planning your sessions effortless and fun. The bright, clear images from laughter clubs all over the world help you remember the exercise in an instant, and will be the most helpful tool you can imagine."

- Dr. Madan Kataria

Sixty jumbo-sized Photo Flash Cards (3½ by 5¼ inches) provide an instant visual reminder of the Foundation Laughter Exercises. Each card indicates the energy level recommended for the exercise (from Ace to Ten, gentle to vigorous). Also serves as a Playing Card deck with 4 complete Suits plus Jokers; can be used for all traditional card games. The accompanying Instruction Booklet gives thorough descriptions of how to perform the exercises, plus new and delightful games to be played with the deck. The photographs feature Laughter Clubs from all over the world. Top quality, laminated with rounded corners, sturdy – built to last.