Laughter Yoga Helps in Bone Marrow Cancer


You are invited to our Laughing celebrations on our Phone Laughter Yoga lines which happen 365 days each year. We want to celebrate with you because one of our Laughter Yoga Teachers, LindaBB's platelets and hemoglobin are up a little! This is the first time in a year that her hemoglobin has gone up. And her platelets have gone from 33k to 50k, which is wonderful first step up!

So we had a Laughter Yoga celebration on the phone, and we'd love to have you join her any morning on the Laughter phone line with us. It's a fun, easy crazy group game that we all do together on the phone. Laughter increases the oxygen flow in the body and brain, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, alleviates physical pain and creates instant joy.

Our celebration was held on Sunday, August 16th 2009. We had LAFFERS from across the USA and as far away as Taiwan and England.

We have had people from these countries and Australia join our early morning phone laughter calls. So who knows? Maybe you will join us tomorrow. LindaBB is the host for 20 minutes at 6am EST US and calls are almost hourly after that with a variety of different hosts and their unique Laughter. Come and meet our hosts and celebrate your way to health on the phone every day.

Simply call 712-432-3900 and use the pin 6071292 #.