Laughter Yoga with Nepal Soldiers


Not too long ago there was a US army project which planned to use Laughter Yoga to help Iraqi war soldiers overcome post-traumatic stress disorders. Now, here are some interesting pictures of a group of soldiers, in a small village in Nepal, doing Laughter Yoga.

Sophie Terrasse, laughter leader from Canada, on her visit to Nepal was pleasantly surprised at seeing the soldiers. They were really enjoying the laughter exercises as they chanted ho ho ha ha ha. According to their leader, Laughter Yoga is a great way to release stress. He said, “People are sad and laughter is good for health…”.

The army in Nepal has seen a lot of strife in recent times and incorporating Laughter Yoga as a part of their regime will help overcome their trauma and distress. These smiling faces are proof enough of the concept which promotes peace, joy, and happiness