LY Remedies Appetite Disturbances


A state of mind is directly related to physiology and bodily reactions. Often emotional thoughts are a major reason for both weight loss and gain. Stress, anxiety, feelings of low self worth and confidence drive a person to either over eat or under eat. In both the cases a person is exposed to the ill effects of appetite disturbances and can suffer immense health problems.
Bulimia or ‘binge eating' is characterized by abnormal bouts of overeating followed by self induced purging. The factors that sometimes contribute to this pattern are unhealthy relationships, identity crisis, behavioral problems and other stressful situations.

Anorexia, the other eating disturbance is a result of extremely low calorie intake. The exact cause of this disorder is not known, but social attitudes towards body appearance and family factors play a role in its development and cause excessive weight loss and health hazards.

Laughter Yoga helps to remedy these appetite disturbances due to stress and restores one to good health. This unique exercise routine is an effective counter to stress and depression and helps to negate the ill effects of the worry cycle that can get detrimental to one's physical and mental health and drive a person to self medication leading to dietary problems. It keeps one in the moment and is an effective disconnect from the past, which can bring back unpleasant memories resulting in unhealthy dietary habits and faulty appetite.

Laughter Yoga is an instant release mechanism that alleviates negative thoughts. It encourages deep diaphragmatic breathing, which helps to keep the body and mind fully energized and increases the supply of oxygen. This exercise keeps the body and mind in a fit condition and mitigates any appetite problems due to physical or mental causality.

Laughter is also cathartic in nature and helps to release pent up emotions and feelings that may be the cause of unhealthy dietary habits. It fosters a positive state of mind and generates the feel good factor through the release of positive hormones and neuropeptides into the body.

It is an effectual workout that increases both body and mind resilience thereby generating an overall sense of fitness and wellness.