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Laughter Yoga With Nestle Employees

Radhika Bisht and Jagat Singh Bisht, Laughter Yoga professors conducted a session of Laughter Yoga followed by Laughter Meditation and Guided Relaxation at the Nestle Nutrition Quality College, Samalkha, India. It inclu..

Laughter Yoga: Works Like Magic!

A report by Adarsh Sharma, Adarsh Laughter Yoga Club, Nara

On 12th September, 2013, 12 members of our Adarsh Laughter Yoga Club had a chance to visit Yamashiro Nokumori no sato in Kizu..

Laughter Yoga At Italian Yoga Fest

Lucia Suriano, Laughter Yoga Teacher: I recently got the opportunity to make people experience the magic of laughter at the two day Yoga Fest held in Barletta (south of Italy).

Laughter Yoga Can Give You A Joyful High!

Laughter teacher Sarah Tolmie who has been teaching Laughter Yoga for almost three years says Laughter Yoga is not only good for the soul, but great for the body. It relieves stress, eases pain, boosts the immune system..

Laughter Yoga In A Hospital In Italy

Antonella Manna, physiotherapist, Milan: In January 2013, I obtained a certificate as a Laughter Yoga leader and realized the potential of this technique both for helping patients and for the wellbeing of the health per..

New Laughter Clubs Take Bahrain By Storm

Laughter Yoga has become so popular that three new Laughter Clubs will soon be opening to in Bahrain. The first Laughter Yoga club was launched in 2003 by Mr. K.M. Thomas, and since then they have expanded across the co..

Laughter Yoga In Manila Cancer Hospital

Cancer patients at the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Centre in Manila were recently given a healthy dose of Laughter Yoga, which relieved their stress, and help promote a positive outlook in life. Laughter Yoga is a pract..

Laughter Yoga For Cancer Survivors

Recently, an East Texas Medical Center treated area breast cancer survivors to a special retreat. The one-day event was held to educate survivors about exercise and a healthy diet, and also to remind them that laughter ..

How Laughter Dispels Negative Thoughts

Bachan Singh: It is known, from several studies, that the main cause of stress and diseases is the mind. Our actions, using the body, will respond in the presence of thoughts. Happy thoughts make us smile, while sad tho..

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