Laughter Yoga With Nestle Employees


Radhika Bisht and Jagat Singh Bisht, Laughter Yoga professors conducted a session of Laughter Yoga followed by Laughter Meditation and Guided Relaxation at the Nestle Nutrition Quality College, Samalkha, India. It included delegates from the Nestle head-quarters at Vevey, Switzerland, Sweden and zone Asia-Oceania-Africa countries including China, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India.

The participants felt deeply relaxed and cheerful after the session. One of them expressed, "There is a lot of stress in professional life. We laugh very rarely. Laughter Yoga is an amazing way to play and energize. It can do wonders at the workplace." Another participant shared, "I thought I am not going to laugh as I do not laugh often. After initial clapping and chanting, my inhibitions had gone away and I started laughing freely. I don't remember when I laughed like this last time."

Last year, Radhika and Jagat were invited by Nestle India Limited to conduct Laughter Yoga at their Safety-Health-Environment workshop for zone Asia-Oceania-Africa at Marriott Resort, Goa. A few months ago, Jagat conducted three sessions of Laughter Yoga for the staff of Nestle factory at Samalkha, India. Nestle's continuous engagement with Laughter Yoga is an indication of the deep value and utility discovered by the corporate world in Laughter Yoga.