Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga – A Powerful Tool For Health

Pedro Hernandez, Mexico: I am a registered Hatha Yoga teacher and have been teaching it for the last 10 years. I also run a Yoga studio with Caty, my soulmate. In January, 2008, I got the opportunity to experience my first Laught..

Laughter Yoga Brought Joy

Diane Shalom, USA: I was a very highly strung, spoilt, and emotionally neglected child who grew into a rebellious teen and a temperamental adult. Much of my life was a cycle of angry, hateful outbursts that would morph into long ..

Laughter Yoga For Complete Wellness

Helen T. Whitley, Psychotherapist: I was feeling very burned out in the summer of 2006, when I discovered this new form of body-mind fitness. To cope with my stress, I went to a peaceful yoga retreat in the mountains of North Geo..

Laughter Yoga Reduced My Pain of Rheumatism

Ingrid, Austria: I’ve been suffering from acute rheumatism since I was 15, and two serious whiplash injuries worsened my discomfort. At the age of 43, I was forced to stop working as a Nurse and needed home help and domicil..

Laughter Yoga Benefits

Craig Whitley, USA: The beginning of 2006 was a trying time for my wife and me. I’d left my job to re-enter private practice as a hypnotherapist and life coach, and it wasn’t going nearly as well as I’d expected..

From A Serious Legal Person To Laughter Champion

PT Hinduja, Mumbai, India: I want to share my journey from a serious Company Secretary to a Laughter Champion. I lived in the same building as Dr. Kataria in Mumbai. I was a very serious and introverted person, and hardly laughed..

Laughter Yoga Therapy In Multiple Sclerosis

Vanessa Coéllar, Mexico: This is the story of how Laughter Yoga helped Vanessa Coéllar, an Architect from Mexico City, cope with Multiple Sclerosis. I have Multiple Sclerosis since five years, and I can tell you it&..

Chicago Training was Truly a Transformation

Jason USA: I recently had the opportunity to attend Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in Chicago. The leader of the training was Dr. Kataria, the creator of the concept of Laughter Yoga. This training lasted five-days and was filled..

Laughter Clubs Connect People

Lynn Caesar, MA, USA: I was first introduced to Laughter Yoga when I watched Mira Nair’s documentary on Dr. Kataria and his “Laughing Club of India.” Soon after, I attended the Laughter Yoga training in Toronto ..

I Found My Happiness With Laughter Yoga

Melanie Vick, USA: An emotionally painful past led me to turn to relationships to fill myself with happiness as an adult. After my 3,334th love relationship failed (ok, not really the 3,334th, but you g..

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