Sukumar Satpathy

Sylvia Pencheva, Bulgaria: Since I graduated, I’ve been working as a software developer. Every day I spend at least 8 hours in front of the computer. You can imagine how you get used to it – the virtual communication, the piles of information, which distract you from what you really need to do. I soon realized that the only people I was talking to were those who were also hooked on to the net.

I found out about Laughter Yoga a couple of years ago, and at that moment I knew that this is exactly the right thing for me. I laugh easily and am a good listener, but I don’t have the talent to tell jokes and be the funniest one in a group. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find a place in Bulgaria to visit such meetings. I decided to wait, being sure that very soon someone will come up with the idea of opening a Laughter Yoga club. I waited for almost two years, and deep in my mind I knew that if no one else does it, I have to do it.

After two years, one day I decided I waited long enough and I started searching for a place in the neighboring countries, where I could get educated on Laughter Yoga. I didn’t know at that time, that I could use the official website to look for teachers and leaders from all over the world. Later, I also attended Dr. Kataria’s training in India and realized that you can choose who you communicate with, and that really matters. I decided to surround myself with wonderful people all the time – through laughter.

First when I started leading Laughter Yoga sessions, I couldn’t talk freely in front of people. I was afraid of making mistakes and looking ridiculous in other people’s eyes. But, Laughter Yoga taught me the best the best thing that it is ok to make mistakes. With time, I gained so more confidence and started laughing at my worries. Now I give interviews and I no longer shy of talking in front of public.

The most valuable thing for me is that whenever I go through bad moments, it’s enough to remember the joyful faces of my laughter friends, and it automatically brings a smile on my face.

Now I have so many more friends, and the best thing is that my communication with them is not ‘virtual’. The thing which combines us is our intention to enjoy ourselves and that’s why we share a network of positive state of mind. I feel fulfilled that I have the chance to spread Laughter Yoga in a country like mine, because Bulgarians desperately need it. I feel happy of the process, and not only the results. Recently, I trained 10 new leaders and as the family of Laughter Yoga is growing, I know I followed the right purpose.