Life Changing Experiences

Promoting Laughter Yoga Training

Mayra Avila, USA: I first heard about Laughter Yoga when I was working for a community clinic. I was preparing for a wellness group especially for women and I decided to include a laughter session to se..

More Positive

Anju Shahani, Moscow: Though originally from Mumbai, I have been living in Moscow since the last ten years. I experienced Laughter Yoga about 15 years ago when I visited Mumbai with my mother- in-law who was very active in the La..

Laughter Yoga Lightened Up My Life

Cal Appleby, USA: I was fascinated several years ago when I first heard about Laughter Yoga opportunities in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. My partner, Laurie Savran, began to attend the Lake Harriet Laughter Club, facilitated by ..

Laughter Yoga Makes One Feel Energetic

Mona Warner, Canada: Recently, a lot of people suggested that I post something about my experience with Laughter Yoga… well, here’s what I came up with: Back in early 2007, a friend of mine..

Laughter, My Best Buddy!

Kathryn Kimmins, USA: Laughter has been my best buddy as far back as I can remember. I grew up with a father who loved to make people laugh. He was always smiling and laughing. As a young child I w..

Laura Gentry

Laura Gentry, USA: Unos días después de la cirugía de reemplazo de cadera de mi madre, le reportó a mi padre algunos síntomas inusuales y éste la llevó de inmediato a urgencias del..

Laughter Yoga improved my health

Anna Zakharova, Moscow: Two years after graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute in 2010, I was fortunate to get the most precious gift of Laughter Yoga from my friend. Called “Anju’s Yoga ..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Quit Smoking

Tosha Tobias, Chile: I was a very heavy smoker (more than 30 cigarettes a day). Just before I traveled to the US to take my Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher course with Dr. Kataria I had a very strong..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Rediscover Myself

Eleonora Zuleta Patiño, Venezuela: Laughter Yoga came to me in response to my request to serve the world. I wanted to deliver something from me to others. Starting a Laughter Club and sharing unconditional laughter and joy..

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