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Laughter Yoga At Qigong Event

Report by Monnet Zubieta, CLYT

A few days ago, I interviewed Master Mingtong Gu, an internationally recognized Qigong teacher and healer for ‘More Joy – the Laughter Show’. We talked about the h..

Laughter Yoga Helps Care Center Residents

Trina Chamberlain, laughter professional and recreation coordinator at Pineview Terrace Lodge, a special care home in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada, has introduced Laughter Yoga for the staff and residents of the c..

New LY Study Underway In Australian University

Having shown enormous health benefits for almost 17 years, and being proved as a great therapeutic tool, Laughter Yoga with its unique features continues to draw the attention of scientists, psychologists and research s..

Kick Start A Healthy Lifestyle With Laughter Yoga

Jordanian comic legend Nabil Sawalha who has made a big career out of tickling the funny bone for more than two decades, is now exploring the benefits of Laughter Yoga. He truly believes that it can kick start a healthy lifestyle and diffuse most..

Health Centers Use Laughter Therapy

Here is an interesting news report from Rochester, NY, about how laughter is now being widely used as an effective therapy to support treatment of various diseases and also as an alternative medicine. Recent research shows that laughter has natur..

Laughter Yoga Boosts Productivity In Business World

Laughter Yoga has proved to be the ideal exercise for providing stress relief to people in the business world. According to a recent news report funny business in the workplace is being replaced by the business of having fun. Companies and corpor..