Laughter Yoga - Great Exercise For Your Insides


A recent report from Sydney yet again confirms that Laughter Yoga offers a better workout than a rowing machine, can help ward off depression and it's a bundle of fun. "It's yoga for your insides" says Laughter Yoga instructor Dave Bowtell when quizzed about the similarities between 'regular' yoga and Laughter Yoga. "It is not so much exercise based yoga, but more of a breathing based yoga" he explains.

The hallmark of Laughter Yoga is deep, diaphragmatic breathing which helps to bring more oxygen to the body and brain and increase the lung capacity. It is seen that there is a direct relation between the breathing pattern and the state of mind. When under stress our breathing becomes fast, irregular, and shallow. Through regular practice of Laughter Yoga, which emphasizes on belly laughter, one can learn to change their breathing pattern from shallow to deep and easily alter the thoughts in their mind.

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Courtesy: ABC News