New Intergenerational Learning Program For Seniors


In order to bridge the gap between generations, the Council for Third Age (C3A) in Singapore has developed an innovative intergenerational learning program (ILP) in seniors which aims to cultivate the concept of lifelong learning and active living in seniors while enhancing physical, mental and social wellbeing. This way, they continue to lead active and purposeful lives.

Inspired by Hong Kong’s Elder Academy scheme, C3A created a classroom-based intergenerational learning program that provides seniors with youth who act as “teachers” to them and help them pursue lifelong community learning.

This concept of community classroom learning can also be very useful to schools as they can use C3A’s pre-developed curricula or develop their own curriculum for modules such as IT, social media, photography and health management. C3A can provide a framework and methodology, capacity building through training, consultancy and sharing of best practices, and participating schools can count their ILPs as part of their service learning initiatives.

Seniors and youth benefit from the two-way learning. The seniors emerge with new skills, new friends and enlarged social circles, and the students pick up values and life lessons, and make new – and older – friends. The ILP also strengthens intergenerational ties, and improves perceptions and attitudes towards seniors and ageing through the interaction between seniors and the younger generation. Ultimately, these programs will help forge intergenerational solidarity and promote social cohesion.

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For more details on ILP contact:

Charlene Teo

Executive, Programmes

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