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Google & BBC Using Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is the latest workplace wellbeing craze. It has really taken off among companies looking to get that laughter feeling without the hassle of humor. In fact, BBC and Google organized laughter sessions which helped to generate a great ..

Ho Ho Ha Ha Greetings From Japan!!!!

Ohio Gazaymus!!!! Japanese Greetings from Osaka: Here I am training a lovely group of 36 as Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher!!! Today is Day 4 and Laughter Yoga is becoming very popular in Japan. Ev..

Laughter Yoga Helps Lawyers Destress

Here is an interesting article on Laughter Lawyers, an innovative concept, created by Jackie Curran, ex- lawyer and now one of Australia’s foremost leaders on laughter. She trains lawyers around the world to laugh and l..

Laughter Yoga Sisters ha ha !!!

There's nothing like a good laugh. Study after study has shown that laughter is good medicine - and to that end, sisters Danielle and Jackie Geoffroy are back for a third year, teaching Laughter Yoga in St. Lazare. ..

Laughing Helps In Treating Leg Ulcers

Here are two reports which once again prove that laughter is a great healer. The therapeutic aspect of laughter is being realized by several groups engaged in healing and treatment of various diseases. In fact, many hos..