Travelling Laughter Club In Bulgaria


Sylvia Pencheva, CLYL: A couple of months ago the first ever "Travelling Laughter Club" was started in Bulgaria. A very interesting and novel concept, it promotes Laughter Yoga in different cities and generates awareness about the benefits of laughter.

People from three cities get together every week and visit one of the three towns - Lovech, Troyan and Sevlievo. The reason they do this, is because all of the three towns are comparatively small and the Laughter Yoga leaders of these towns felt that they won't be able to form a core group of their own. So they decided to come together for the laughter cause.

Not only do they travel to these three towns every week, but they also visit neighboring Laughter Clubs. They offer free transportation for everyone who wants to join in the laughing adventure. The high mood in their group is extremely contagious, and you really feel like being with them.

It's obvious that when people want to laugh, neither the distance, nor the time can be an obstacle. Laughter brings people closer, even when they're not close physically. We get close enough "with the speed of laughter".