Ho Ho Ha Ha Greetings From Japan!!!!


Ohio Gazaymus!!!! Japanese Greetings from Osaka: Here I am training a lovely group of 36 as Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher!!! Today is Day 4 and Laughter Yoga is becoming very popular in Japan. Every week there are some news or the other in newspapers, magazines and television. At the moment there are more than 1000 Laughter leaders and about 100 LY teachers in Japan. 50 Laughter clubs laugh every week and there are laughter classes in yoga studios, senior centers and some schools. All I want to say is Japanese have taken Laughter Yoga very seriously.

I am doing advanced training on 23rd and then have a lecture in Osaka University where some research is going on with Laughter Yoga. I am meeting Dr Ohira MD who is in charge of the research. can't wait for the final results if the research. On 24th and 25th we have All Japan Laughter Yoga Conference where I will deliver my keynote for 90 minutes. Madhuri is having great time shopping ha ha ha !!! Visa Bill Laughter He he he !!!! see some pictures from the the training.....

Love Dr K