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Laughter Yoga Club In UK -Touching Experience

Lotte Mikkelsen UK: I am a Laughter Yoga Teacher in London and Just wanted to share a touching moment with you; I went to run a laughter session with a parent support group today. I laughed with them about three years ago and the..

Laughter Yoga Gangnam Style

A report by Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo

With support from Pedya Kamp, an organization of volunteers, mainly students, which specialize in taking care of our special and d..

Laughter Yoga : My Valentine On NBC

USA First Lady, Michelle Obama, Shares about Laughter & Unity

Did you know that USA First Lady, Michelle Obama, says that " Laughter is the key to Togetherness. " She recommends to Laugh with your ..

Korean Sub-station Staff Laugh Away Their Stress

Read this interesting report from Korea Herald that sketches the journey of Laughter Yoga in Korea where this wonderful exercise routine is spreading fast into different walks of life and people have been reporting how great they feel after atten..

Cataract Surgery With Laughter Yoga!!

Here are two very interesting accounts of how Laughter Yoga and laughter therapy helped two patients go through cataract and Lasik eye surgeries with a positive and confident attitude. Doing laughter just before the sur..