Laughter Yoga Gangnam Style


A report by Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo

With support from Pedya Kamp, an organization of volunteers, mainly students, which specialize in taking care of our special and disabled children, I recently conducted a Laughter Yoga session attended by 300 participants comprising doctors, administration staff, nuns and student volunteers.

Since there were a great majority ofyoung people, I introduced the Laughter Yoga-Gangnam style. The participants so loved it -- it brought the house down, so we had to repeat it a number of times, as we roared with laughter. As in the past, we had a great time laughing!

Being young, they swayed, danced, swung their hips, and bent their waists with much dynamism and boundless energy, with some participants almost rolling on the floor as they did the Laughter Yoga exercises. Dr. Art Libao, founder of Pedya Kamp requested that I do “Argument Laughter, “I’m sorry Laughter”and“Appreciation Laughter” among others. I added new positive chants to suit their age group, which they chanted with much delight and full force.

Here are some comments from the participants:

Sam Buco: A great experience. My burdens were gone -- after a few moments of heartfelt chuckling, I realized laughter lightens one’s load! My life so much improved since then. With Laughter Yoga, I learned to face various situations, even the drastic kind, with a much positive attitude, and accept whatever happens to me. Most of all, I was back to the optimistic person I was once, and more appreciative of the simple-yet- laughter-filled moments, that could last a lifetime.

Jerz Malonzo: There’s nothing more enjoyable than Laughter Yoga. It releases stress and relaxes the feeling after the session.

Nicole Joy Cartas: It was fun and I want to experience it again. Laughter is easily the best medicine!!! I love Laughter Yoga- Gangnam style!

Jeremias Bartido - Laughter Yoga “GANGNAM” - very innovative!

Jobenneth Nadera: Laughter makes me forget the stress in school, at home, etc. I learned that through laughing, our burdens disappear, and one feels good and peaceful.

Les Lee Peñaranda: Doing Laughter Yoga- Gangnam style made it more different, interesting and happier!

Next Laughter Yoga session is on April 12th with 600 PNB employees. Let’s keep laughing to a healthy, happy positive us!

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