Laughter Yoga Club In UK -Touching Experience


Lotte Mikkelsen UK: I am a Laughter Yoga Teacher in London and Just wanted to share a touching moment with you; I went to run a laughter session with a parent support group today. I laughed with them about three years ago and they all came up to me and said how much they were looking forward to it again and I remembered their faces. One of the ladies told me that she had not laughed in the same way since we first met in Spring 2008, she told me that it was not until the moment of the laughter meditation that she realised what it truly meant to feel the laughter in your body, deep in your belly and throughout the rest of your person. She had only done it this once when I ran my first session with them but it had stayed with her and changed her whole attitude to approaching challenges. Isn't that fantastic? I always feel that even if I only touch, moved and inspired ONE person in a group then it is still worth the laughter work I love this group.