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Laughter Yoga And Creativity

On February 3, 2011, I was invited to do a Laughter Yoga session with a group of people from an advertising and media company from UK, USA, Singapore, Europe, who had gathered for a brainstorming seminar in Hotel Oberoi..

Laughter Yoga for Eating Disorders

Sue Ansari CLYT USA : I had a call a couple of weeks ago, asking if I could sub for a counselor at an eating disorders clinic. Without a second thought, I agreed…nothing tough, piece of cake. She asked ..

Laughter Yoga With The Deaf & Mute

As people are becoming more and more aware of the enormous health benefits of Laughter Yoga and its flexibility as an exercise, it has spread across different fields which include several institutes for the deaf and mut..

Laughter Yoga Among School Girls in India

Jagat Bisht, Indore: Last week, we had the most satisfying and fulfilling experience in our journey of Laughter Yoga. We gave a presentation on Laughter Yoga before 100 girl students in the age group of..

Laughter Yoga Club In UK -Touching Experience

Lotte Mikkelsen UK: I am a Laughter Yoga Teacher in London and Just wanted to share a touching moment with you; I went to run a laughter session with a parent support group today. I laughed with them about three years ago and the..