Paradise in a busy city : Laughing on the Grassland (Laughter Yoga Hong Kong Meetup Group )


Laughing in Hong Kong is a luxury. People are too stress to laugh. Hong Kong people are always busy. Busy for earning money, studying, raising kids are very common in Hong Kong, but such a busy life style makes people very stressful and difficult to laugh.

Laughter Yoga Hong Kong Meetup Group(LYHK) launched on 30 April 2012 in Hong Kong. Up till now, we have more than 380 members registered online. Members will have the information about the upcoming laughing activities, and they can sign up the laughing session for free according to their schedule. Every month, LYHK laugh together in the weekend afternoon twice on different grassland near to the shopping area. Members of LYHK from different nationalities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Canada, Australia, USA, Europe, India, Malaysia and Philippines. Members are also from different occupations and age groups.

Laughing on the grassland brings our members back to the nature, feel the Mother Earth with their bare feet on the grass, and laugh for no reason with other laughing buddies. Members are often surprised by the beautiful parks we have in Hong Kong, which they are too busy to pay a visit. They are even surprised by they can actually laugh out loud in the park with no one stops them. HaHa!

Here are some of the laughing buddies’ review of the group:

“ I had a lot of fun and met nice people, in fact after this event, i did laugh more :) “ ~ Yvonne Chan, LYHK member

“Thank you, Nat. It was such a fun day. I'm glad that I attended. The activities were fun and inspiring. Thank you for your time and effort. All the participants are nice and happy. Their laughter made the day successful. Haha. Hoho. Hehe.”

~ May Cheung, LYHK member

“It was such a great fun start for me. Thank you Nat. I'm so happy i did try to attend. It was such a superlicious megabomb laughter yoga. hohoho!”

~ Melissa M., LYHK member

Natalie Lui , the Orgainzer of the Laughter Yoga Hong Kong Meetup Group, hopes to make laughter club easier access for working populations. All the administration and operation costs in this laughing group will be covered by YOGAMATE, the laughing social enterprise started up by Natalie, which provides different laughing services and courses for the corporates and organization.

Our dream is to create a laughing community in Hong Kong, and share the laughters not only in the laughter club, but in the workplace, school, families and everywhere in Hong Kong.

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