Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga Club Members Connect Worldwide

Neeta, London: Laughter Yoga has become a growing family connecting people worldwide and many Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders & Teachers have become great friends. Technology has made it much easier for laughter leaders to st..

Laughter Yoga Brought Me More Joy

John Chen, Taiwan: It’s been six years since I took to Laughter Yoga and it has really changed my life and enriched my heart. My story is a little different. Unlike most laughter professionals who begin their Laughter Yoga ..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Come Alive

Kris, Ghent, Belgium: As long as I can remember I have been a very shy person. During my life I worked a lot on this problem, but never seemed to overcome it as I was afraid of people.

In October 2006, I entered a Laugh..

Laughter Yoga Brought Great Joy In My Life

Marilyn Fogelquist, USA: I’m not a funny person. Neither can I tell jokes or remember them nor did I grow up in a home with humor. In fact, I didn’t learn any skills for defusing conflict or dealing effectively with s..

Laughter Yoga Helps Overcome Challenges

Lyn-Dee, USA: Prior to Laughter Yoga, our days were awesome but there were times that things got in the way of our thoughts being positive and motivational. Although we are always about the solutions, we too have our challenges a..

My Laughter Yoga Story

Rachel Ades, Switzerland: My Laughter Yoga story begins a little bit different. It was one weekend when my son and his wife and kids came over to see us. As we chatted, my daughter in law told me about an article she read on Laug..

Laughter Yoga Gave me More Energy More Laughter

Michele Caskey, USA: Eight years ago, I was an aspiring comedienne constantly working on jokes, trying to find the punch line. Laughter had begun to invade my every day existence and I was a little obsessed with making people lau..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me To Express Emotions

Liz Morfea, USA: I was always a melancholic child. After being sexually abused by a stranger, followed by the suicide of my Dad when I was 6 years old, I retreated away from people, into my mind, the only place I felt I had &lsqu..

Touching Human Lives With Laughter

Jagat Singh Bisht, India: During the last hundred days, my wife Radhika and I have laughed with more than a thousand people. It has really been a life changing experience! We are now proud to have a life skill with us wherein we ..

Laughter Yoga Enhances Relationships

Bill and Linda Hamaker, USA: Laughter Yoga has greatly enhanced our relationship and has brought so much more laughter into our everyday life. The playfulness it creates has also helped to balance our l..

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