Sukumar Satpathy

Ulrike Bauer, Switzerland: One day my daughter invited me to come with her to a Laughter Yoga session as she had already tried it and was all for it. At the beginning, the exercises, especially the ones where I had to force myself to laugh, were so embarrassing that I promised myself never to come again. But as I wasn’t brave enough to leave, I stayed till the end and played along. At the end however, I laughed whole heartedly and it actually felt good. So, I went back for more ha ha ha.

I now go regularly to the laughter sessions and recently was also attended Dr. Kataria’s 5 day course which really changed my life. My daughter was very difficult to handle and most of the time I needed all the nerve in order to calmly deal with the situation. One day, we were both in the kitchen when she started with her aggressiveness. I could feel the tension rising in me – I looked at her right in the eyes – and we both suddenly started laughing hysterically. We laughed so much that we both ended up sitting on the floor not being able to stop. You won’t believe it but it was the last time with tension between us. Since then, we laugh a lot together.

As for me personally, after the Laughter Yoga session, I sleep like a log, and when I get up I feel like laughing. The exercises have helped me to have more courage to be ridiculous and humble. Now, I don’t take life as seriously as before and feel a lot lighter.