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Laughing Clinic For Toronto Seniors

Six years ago, I came to live in Sunrise Towers a seniors’ building of Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), in Toronto. Though I accepted the challenge of living among over three hundred seniors, I was lost among them, and was very..

Cromer Actress Launches Laughter Sessions

Cromer actress and hypnotherapist Beverley Bishop, recently launched a series of Laughter Yoga sessions Trimingham village hall, in Norfolk, England, as she believes that sharing a smile with a stranger is the perfect way to brighten your day and..

Laughter For Good Health And Healing

Here is an inspiring account of Khevin Barnes, a cancer survivor, who used laughter as a partner with cancer for his health and healing.

Khevin Barnes: I was first introduced to the concept of using laughter to create ben..

Laughter Yoga Helps People With Chronic Illnesses

Pathways, a health resource center in Minneapolis, has incorporated Laughter Yoga to help people suffering from chronic and terminal illness. It is a great exercise routine to lower stress, boost the immune system, and trigger a rush of endorphin..

Laguna Wood Seniors Laugh Away Their Troubles

Seniors participating in a laughter class, conducted by Cheryl Russell, in Laguna Woods, Orange County, California, laugh like children, while doing Laughter Yoga. Russell uses laughter as a form of exercise to benefit health and quality of life ..

Punjab Police Laugh Away Their Stress

With an ever increasing crime rate, the police personnel are under constant stress, even though the police department in India keeps organizing different camps for stress release. Recently, the Punjab Armed Police (PAP), India, kickstarted the Ne..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Avert A Car Accident

Here is an interesting report on how regular practice of Laughter Yoga enables people to keep calm and tackle any crisis with a positive mental attitude, without panicking and reacting adversely.

Matti Anttila, CLYT: Rece..

Laughter Yoga - Great Therapy For Depression

We are already aware that Laughter Yoga is a great exercise routine that alleviates depression and generates a positive mental attitude. Here is a report of a psychiatrist in Michigan City, who gave due credit to laughter therapy, as being a majo..

Laughter Yoga At Minneapolis Healing Center

The week at Pathways Healing Center, Minneapolis, begins with the chuckle of Laughter Yoga exercises, which may seem unconventional, but are most uplifting. It provides the joy of laughing for participants who attend this exercise routine that co..