Laughter Yoga In Abu Dhabi


According to a recent report, Laughter Yoga is fast catching on in Abu Dhabi. Laughter sessions are being held at a beautiful yoga studio inside the Royal Stables, where people gather to laugh together for complete wellness. As Laughter Yoga is visually contagious; the practice simulates laughing techniques interspersed with deep yogic breathing.

Laughter instructor, Vishal, initiates the session through a few brain games as a warm-up and then guides the participants through different laughter exercises in order to help them to release any trapped emotions. Everyone followed the instructor jumping around the studio, laughing and chuckling at silly things, and essentially letting go of all inhibitions. Soon the laughter becomes real and genuine with eye contact in a group.

As adults we all wear a mask, but this laughter session helps to shed those masks and enabling people to be themselves They also sang songs about being happy while performing hand actions to accompany the words. The session ended with participants lying still in silence doing laughter meditation.

Laughter Yoga is a great way to generate positive energy, which helps one to cope with life’s challenges. One can notice the difference in one’s attitude towards life and people, after just one session, while regular practice leads to deep-down happiness and good health.

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