Laugh And Shake Your Grief Away!


After years of heading Pinoy Laughter Yoga (PLY) Paolo Trinidad, finally realized how to provide solace to people facing enormous grief. Working with survivors of flood, disease and drugs, he found a universal way to evoke laughter in their lives, through breathing exercises, facial expressions and chants.

Trinidad combined “shaking yoga” with PLY because shaking naturally led to laughter, and vice versa, he said. In this, people are required to shake various parts of the body like the head, arms and knees, for at least nine hours each day.

Last year Trinidad, successfully conducted a session of this unique combination with children at a community group in Baigani, which is a haven for survivors of unspeakable loss. With his newfound technique, he managed to comfort the children, whose behaviour was marred by the experience of immense violence, death and sorrow. Besides, this, he also made people from different religions aware of world peace and unity.

Though laughter is always positive but the reality is that some of us have baggage that we need to shake off. The effect of trauma on a person is not only in the brain but also in the body, therefore, according to Trinidad, movement is one great way to shake it off.

Shaking yoga is something new and very powerful. In fact, it is being seen as a viable treatment for victims of extreme trauma and tragedy, as it helps to overcome their anguish. Practitioners of this technique have reported feeling lighter and better after a session. They feel it is cathartic in nature and helps to release their pent up emotions. So, all you need to do is to “laugh and shake” all your grief away!

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Photo Courtesy: Matthew Reysio-Cruz