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Laugh Off Stress

According to a recently published article in Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN, studies have long credited laughter with the ability to reduce stress, increase pain tolerance and promote healing. The innovation in Laughter Yo..

Laughter Yoga among policemen in Taiwan

Chris Yeh was trained as a laughter leader during Dr. Kataria's visit to Taiwan. Highly inspired and motivated after the training, the first thing she did on returning home to Pingtong County, south of Taiwan, was t..

Skype Laughter Club

Laughter Clubs are really going places. First, it was the Phone Laughter clubs and now Skype Laughter Clubs on the internet. You can just call on Skype and laugh with your laughter buddies. A very creative and inspiring..

Growth of LY Movement in Japan

The Laughter Yoga movement in Japan has come a long way from the time the Tokyo Laughter Club was first established in 2006 by two non-Japanese Laughter Yoga Teachers. It met once a month with a lively group of just 5 t..

Bad Economy? Try ha-ha yoga

As going gets Tougher, Americans discover Laughter: Singapore The Daily Straits Times recently reported how Laughter Yoga, the unique exercise regime will help people cope with the recent recession in t..

Doctor Kataria in Taiwan

This is my first visit to Taiwan. It is a great opportunity for me to bring more laughter to the people of China. As I laughed with 17 members of the Laughter club, I could feel their enthusiasm and passion for laughter..

Fun Game from Laughter Club

In the Bedroom: This is this fun game can make your group laugh like anything. It is ideally suited as an icebreaker for your workshops seminars and trainings. Also this can be played whenever you ..

Laughter Yoga in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Greatly inspired by Dr. Madan Kataria at her recent CLYT training in Melbourne, Lee-Jean Fung decided to become a certified laughter teacher and bring laughter to the people of Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Before she met Dr..