Growth of LY Movement in Japan


The Laughter Yoga movement in Japan has come a long way from the time the Tokyo Laughter Club was first established in 2006 by two non-Japanese Laughter Yoga Teachers. It met once a month with a lively group of just 5 to 15 participants. Today, Japan has 33 registered clubs and a few leaders have classes at culture schools while other leaders are bringing Laughter Yoga activities and sessions into their own work and volunteer activities, for example, yoga classes, senior centers and nursing homes, a work facility for adults with special needs, municipal events, to name a few of an ever-growing list.

There is also a proposal for a national organization whose aim will be to support this growth by providing information, research, and further educational and networking opportunities for Laughter Yoga professionals.

The corporate world is also beginning to take notice as stress; depression and suicide among workers are at unprecedented levels with the downturn in the economy. 2009 promises to be a year of exponential growth for the Laughter Yoga movement in Japan.

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