Laughter Yoga Training Videos


Train with the Master Dr. Madan Kataria – A must buy for all LY professionals

These training videos are an excellent resource for Laughter Yoga professionals to add to their trainings. They will provide an in depth knowledge about systems and procedures of a laughter session, laughter meditation and grounding techniques. They will help laughter leaders & teachers to learn and explain the concept, benefits and applications in a much better manner thereby enabling them to spend more time on the practical aspects. They will also learn about marketing, public relations, leadership and presentation skills which will help to enhance business opportunities.

Training video 1: Conceptual

Dr. K explains the entire concept, history, philosophy and the scientific theories which support this idea. You will learn how to explain Laughter Yoga and its benefits in just '1' minute by learning the 5 point explanation. It also includes the Buddy system to help improve your learning skills.

Training Video 2: Laughter Yoga Session

Dr. K explains the 4 basic steps of Laughter Yoga which will help laughter professionals to learn and teach how to conduct a laughter session. It also includes pre-session guidelines, what happens during the session and precise description of organizational and leadership skills.

Training Video 3: Laughter Meditation & Grounding Techniques

Many leaders are afraid of doing Laughter meditation for fear it might not work. This video explains Laughter Meditation in depth. It will help you learn proper guidelines on how to start and end the session and help people experience laughter from deep within. It also includes visuals of Grounding techniques like Ho Ho Ha Ha Grounding Dance, Yoga Nidra and Humming.

Training Video 4: Leadership, Marketing, PR & Presentation Tips

From this DVD you will learn how to start a laughter club and the value of public seminars and the art of successful presentations. You will also learn how to deal with media, how to prepare press releases, business docs, video clips, power point presentations, fliers, and business cards which will help enhance your PR skills.

This DVD has 3 special appendixes:

  • Special Laughter Yoga Introduction
  • Five Point Explanation of Laughter Yoga
  • Four steps of Laughter Yoga