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Greece Gets Its First Laughter Club!

Keeping stride with its rapid global spread, Laughter Yoga finally reaches Greece as it launched its 1st Laughter Club on 4th October 2008, at NAMA Gym on the island of Aegina, near Athens.

Telephone Laughter Clubs Going Great Guns

Telephone laughter ‘buddies’ are going great guns as practitioners feel a remarkable change in their attitude. It is a wonderful way to allay all anxieties and negative thoughts. People chatting with laughter friends al..

Laughter Lowers Blood Pressure

According to a new study presented at the American Society of Hypertension 2008 Annual Meeting, laughter in the context of laughter yoga can significantly lower blood pressure and reduce cortisol, or stress hormone, lev..

Boost Health With A Daily Dose Of Laughter

Here is an interesting article by wellness coach Carolanne Wright who firmly believes that in order to see change in the world; we need to be the change. She reaffirms the effectiveness of laughter as one of the importa..

Laughter Yoga in Bangkok - Thailand

Susan DustinI have been a full time, non-salaried volunteer worker for 35 years in 25 countries – The longest time being in Thailand. I have been doing Laugher Yoga for the past ..

The Worldwide Laughter Yoga Healing Circle

Sue Ansari, CLYT – USA: A little more than one year ago, I posted a request on Laughter Yoga ProZone, asking that special prayers be asked for my cousin who had just been diagnosed with a very rare canc..

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