Doctor Kataria in Taiwan


This is my first visit to Taiwan. It is a great opportunity for me to bring more laughter to the people of China. As I laughed with 17 members of the Laughter club, I could feel their enthusiasm and passion for laughter. This is the first club started by John, the man behind the Laughter Yoga movement in Taiwan.

I enjoyed laughing with the Taiwanese people and was deeply touched by stories of how Laughter Yoga changed their lives. People suffering from depression and physical problems felt much better after joining the laughter club and practicing Laughter Yoga. There is a lot of media interest as laughter movement gains more popularity. There were journalists from Taipei Times and other news agencies keen on spreading more awareness about the concept.

Besides doing several public seminars, I will be training 40 leaders over the weekend and will also address a group of psychologists. I will keep you posted on the developments.

Love & Laughter,
Dr. K