Laughter Yoga in Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Greatly inspired by Dr. Madan Kataria at her recent CLYT training in Melbourne, Lee-Jean Fung decided to become a certified laughter teacher and bring laughter to the people of Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Before she met Dr. Kataria she marveled at those who could laugh heartily either at jokes or while watching comedies. But, after the training, she was convinced that people can laugh for no reason at all!

Highly motivated, Lee returned in August and started visualizing laughter sessions in the parks of Johor Bahru. She did some promoting of Laughter Yoga to her friends, Rotarians, Breast Cancer Support Group and even at her company’s management meetings.

With regular practice she gained the confidence to conduct a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) program in September in which 27 leaders graduated. They are leading Laughter Yoga sessions in several parks in Johor Bahru. The Breast Cancer Support Group has 5 leaders now and they are bringing Laughter Yoga to cancer patients in two government hospitals.
Lee’s dream is now a reality!

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