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Laughter Club Tour In Taiwan

A one-day tour was recently organized for Laughter Club members in a farm in Taiwan, owned by a physician Dr. Wang who emphasized on the importance of breathing. He talked about how Laughter Yoga is an ideal exercise fo..

Laughter Yoga Eases Pregnancy & Birth

Here is a very interesting article that has taken Laughter Yoga to a different level – of stress-free and painless, almost orgasmic birth! It has proved to be of great help during pregnancy and birth, as it has the abil..

Laugh Your Way To Good Health

The Comox United Church in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada will begin Laughter Wellness sessions from Nov. 2, to be held every other Saturday until Dec 14. These laughter sessions will integrate simple Laught..

Laughter Yoga Sweeps Magic Valley

Mary Martinat, a former physical education instructor, has brought Laughter Yoga to the people of Twin Falls area in the Magic Valley region of Idaho, USA. Martinat, 76, retired three years ago from a lifetime of teachi..

Reduce Pain With Laughter

Laughter Yoga is unique as it approaches laughter as a physical exercise rather than using cognitive humor. This means that anyone can laugh, regardless of their state of mind and cognitive ability. Therefore, it is not..

Laughter Yoga with Stroke Patients in Malaysia

T.C. Lim and Fellow Laughter Members from Taman Century Laughter Club conducted Laughter Yoga Session at NASAM ( National Stroke Association of Malaysia ) in Serene Park, Johor Bahru, Malaysia on Friday, 26 April 2013. Stoke patients suffer from ..

Laughter Yoga spreads across Dubai

Jo-Dee Walmsley, Dubai

One injury changed everything for lead dancer and performer Jo-Dee Wamsley, who was told by doctors that she could never dance again. Jo- Dee was experiencing de..