How Laughter Dispels Negative Thoughts


Bachan Singh: It is known, from several studies, that the main cause of stress and diseases is the mind. Our actions, using the body, will respond in the presence of thoughts. Happy thoughts make us smile, while sad thoughts make us frown. Laughter Yoga is an ideal exercise that confirms this 2 way link between body and mind.

Though people try several methods to push away negative thoughts, it is not an easy task. This is where Laughter Yoga can help. As it is a combination of both positive and negative energy, the people are not conscious of their thoughts; instead they dissolve in laughter.

In Laughter Yoga we induce the action of fake laughter which in turn becomes real laughter.At the beginning, the individual is conscious of the negative and positive thoughts, but as the laughter deepens, the body consciousness disappears and the positive and negative energy merge. What remains is pure laughter. This helps the person to experience true joy and happiness.

This joyfulness leads to a positive state of mind that has the power to mitigate stress and diffuse negative emotions like fear, anxiety, nervousness and worry, thereby enabling a person to perform better in every sphere of life. It gives one an optimistic frame of mind, which gives the resilience to cope with any problem.