Life Changing Experiences


Edna Granot, Australia: I am a happy and positive individual who treats people for colonic irrigations and guides them about general aspects of life as well as health and emotional issues. In 2009, I attended Dr. Kataria’s ..

Laughter Yoga Helps Cope With PTSD

Alex Eingorn, USA: Laughter Yoga has definitely changed my life. In fact, you can say it saved my life. I first became aware of Dr. Kataria’s work through a patient who said to me, “When you made me laugh, you saved m..

Laughter Yoga Brought Back Joy In My Life

Fletcher Holliday, USA: I grew up in Houston, Texas in a middle class family and was mostly surrounded by hardworking and good people. As a kid, my brother and I would make up crazy games to play, have a mud fight, or play with t..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Find My Purpose

Sylvia Pencheva, Bulgaria: Since I graduated, I’ve been working as a software developer. Every day I spend at least 8 hours in front of the computer. You can imagine how you get used to it – the virtual communication,..

My Nonstop Laughter Story… Ha Ha Ha

V Malar, India: Since the last two decades, I have been training people from all walks of life in different areas like Health &Safety, Reproductive Health, Human rights etc. But, after some point of time, it started feeling m..

Laughter Yoga Relieved My Stress

Karen Sze Tho, Malaysia: Even before attending the Laughter Yoga training in India, I was conducting short laughter sessions whenever there was an opportunity to share laughter. However, I felt I lacked full knowledge about the c..

Portugal – Laughter Yoga Healed Sadness

Ana Banana, Portugal: Portugal has been known as the ‘land of sadness’ for a long time and people found it difficult to laugh. But today, it is a perfect example of how Laughter Yoga can change attitude and even cultu..

Laughter Yoga Increases Happiness

Loretta Bert, Italy: After graduating I worked as a technical trainer in the IT industry for a short while, after which I became an Education Manager, and since 2000 have been working as a free-lance in training and coaching for ..

Taizo Yokokawa, Tokyo, Japan

Taizo Yokokawa, Japan: I came to know about Laughter Yoga through a television program in August, 2009. I was greatly inspired by laughter professionals Mary and Takashi Tadokoro, and the unique concept of Laughter Yoga in which ..

Laughter Yoga and Spirituality

Charlotte Eaton, UK: I was among the 24 participants in the Laughter Yoga course together with a journalist, from New Yorker magazine. We spent five days learning about the health benefits of laughter, how to run sessions includi..

Laughter Yoga Helped Cope With Adversity

Francine Shore, NYC: My mother always said that her two children had very hardy laughs. While my brother became an investment banker, I had to find something else to fall back on.As a recovering class clown, and a former talent a..

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