Sukumar Satpathy

Jackie, Peru: About a year back, I was diagnosed with cancer of bilateral ovary stadium the IIIrd C. I did not know what would become of me, till I was introduced to Laughter Yoga that really changed my life. Though I kept my faith in God and continued my medical treatment; it was laughter that helped to treat my soul and sad spirit. It gave me the courage to cope with the challenging times, and as I started practicing Laughter Yoga regularly, I experienced many obvious and positive changes.

Laughter Yoga taught me to see my disease as a possibility of a new beginning, and not as a punishment. It allowed me to laugh loudly in the hard days of treatment which helped me to conquer the pain. It greatly improved my immunological system and I learnt to breathe better, which gave me good sleep without the aid of any pills.

Laughter Yoga has been and is a constant lesson; it is a way of life that helped me to overcome my depression, the bitterness and the fear of not knowing why things were happening. I realized the value of unconditional love and laughter which goes a long way to generate an inner happiness and joy.

Today, I am happy and healthy because of Laughter Yoga and have decided to bring laughter to Peru and make more and more people aware of this wonderful therapy. Money is not important to me; all I need is the well-being of people, and to spread the word of peace and love through laughter.

I have a proposal of a beautiful project called ‘The Hospital of Happiness’ which will have all alternative therapies for body-mind wellness, and Laughter Yoga will be an integral part of this hospital and will enable people to bring more laughter into their lives, and also help them learn to live more sensibly.

I request the entire laughter community worldwide to contribute in some way to make this project a success. We will need doctors and graduates to help as volunteers at the hospital, but service of any kind will be welcome. We need all the help possible to be able to raise the building and start the working of the hospital. The project will soon be formally registered following which we will create a website to generate public awareness, and also open an account for donations.

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