Life Changing Experiences

A Clown Who Learnt To Laugh!

Ana Banana, Portugal: I am a professional clown who spent 30 years making people laugh, but that does not mean I can still do it. On the contrary, my life became darker and darker, eventually reducing m..

I Became More Confident

Sylvie Dagenais-Douvill, Canada: I had the chance to discover Laughter Yoga 4 years ago and have been promoting it full time for the last 2 years, after I lost my job unfortunately. I have since published a book for teenage paren..

How Laughter Yoga Changed My Life

Ulrike Bauer, Switzerland: One day my daughter invited me to come with her to a Laughter Yoga session as she had already tried it and was all for it. At the beginning, the exercises, especially the ones where I had to force mysel..

Laughter Yoga Improved My Eyesight

Matti, Canada: It happened spontaneously for me a few weeks ago, after two and a half years of Laughter Yoga practice. I had bought a magnifying lens for reading the fine print on supplement bottles and for reading in bed at nigh..

Laughter Yoga for Wellbeing

Julie Whitehead, London: I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and I have practiced Hatha yoga for over 30 years and thought I had a very positive attitude to life – but in 2001 when I saw Dr Kataria on the TV laughing on ..

My Journey With Laughter Yoga

Michael Stretch, England: This story shows different aspects of my life; before and after my Laughter Yoga journey. Since an early age, I was a little aloof and had an occasional pattern of waking in the night amongst horrific de..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Become More Playful

Nihat Tsolak, London: With growing old, the biggest problem I realized was that I had forgotten how to play and have fun. Though I am very busy socially mainly organizing and facilitating concerts, poetry evenings, running drum c..

Laughter Yoga Can Transform The World

Ina, USA: After I returned from the Laughter Yoga training, my heart was filled with immense power, love and laughter. I drove to southern Minnesota to visit my in-laws in the rural town of Owatonna. Let’s just say my husba..

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